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U of t Policython Annual Journal


Throughout the past year, we have aimed to take some of the issues most important to us—whether it is revisiting past events, or emphasizing current problems—and spotlight them for everyone to see, including through this journal. This publication includes pieces written by U of T students, Impact Reports written by UTP Policy Analysts, and finally, the winning briefs from this year's 2022 Policython Competition. Impact Reports are a UTP initiative meant to provide a brief overview of pressing issues in Human Rights, Foreign Policy, Public Health, the Economy, and the Environment that Canada faces. How has COVID-19 policies affected Indigenous women, and women in the workforce? What role does Canada play in the Russia-Ukraine conflict? These topics orbit the lives of every Canadian. Impact Reports attempt to highlight key facts to offer a resource for students to process current events and grasp the status of the world around us. UTP also supports the works of young scholars in the U of T community. Essays written by students on a variety of topics can guide you through complex histories and current political contexts internationally. Lastly, you'll find the winning policy briefs to this past year's annual Policython. These papers each tackle real-world issues and provide concrete research in advocacy in and policymaking. It is a look at the other side of the table—after all, with every problem, there is also a solution. 2021 started with continued uncertainties domestically and globally, a testament to the strengths of many people across the world. UTP aims to keep growing to create a welcoming environment for students interested in our political climate.

Annual Journal 2021-2022
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