Youth are not given adequate attention as future leaders

Consequently, students lack the training and experience necessary to realize their visions in the field of government, policymaking and advocacy.

Youth also become increasingly uninterested in a field where their voices are not valued.

Politics must include more youth who will face the effects of decisions being made today.


Equip youth with the skills necessary to excel in government and advocacy

We at UTP aim to educate and challenge students interested in policymaking by holding training workshops as well as other career-building events and socials. Our policy stream directors will equip you with the skills necessary to prep your knowledge in policies and how to write an outstanding brief.

We also hold an annual Policython every March where students put their knowledge to the test. This event combines the educational insight offered by MUNs and the fast- paced, high pressure nature of hackathons to allow students to put their abilities and skills to the test in a fun and fulfilling way. At the end of the event, participants will have created a policy brief to be judged by experts and potentially awarded.


What is Policython?​

  • a fully virtual event to give U of T students an opportunity to challenge their skills, and our current federal institutions. Teams will write a policy brief on a prompt of the stream of their choice and have it submitted to a panel of industry professionals and professors for judging. Exceptional ones can be sent to a real policymaker!

  • When: March 19th- 21st. Training will be held every two weeks starting the week of Jan. 11th.

Do I Need To Become a General Member to Register For The Policython Event?

  • No, but you can practice and get feedback based on the rubric that will be used during the event. It’s great for people who are new to get an idea of what they could write about, and how.


How Much are The Fees?

  • The general membership is $5! UTP acknowledges the financial barriers that prevent students from committing further in the field of government and diplomacy. Your $5 will help UTP continue to improve and provide you a better experience. 

  • The event itself will charge a small fee per person.

What's In It For Me?

  • Early registration for Policython.

  • Fun opportunity to challenge and expand on your skills

  • Learn more about your future career field; explore what works for you best

  • New community to meet people of similar interests!