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Introduction: The top 1% of wealthy people in the world emit about 70 times more carbon than the bottom 50% of the rest of the global population (Harvey, 2020). The disparity of income seen internationally reflects different levels of lifestyle choices and, more concerning, different levels of carbon emissions and consumption levels without cause. Fighting climate change is a multidisciplinary interconnected issue, with mutual respect and understanding amongst all nations and actors necessary for any progress. Financially driven concerns are one of if not the most critical factors resisting climate policies. This report analyzes the environmental impact of the rich and poor, addressing the various contributions to climate change motivated by wealth. Organizing the report; first, providing background information on how wealth disparity correlates to climate change; second, the impact and its effects on less economically advanced actors; third, more economically advanced actors; finally, a possible solution. As such, it is vital to understand the differentiating impacts various levels of wealth have on the environment. Context: Even though climate change has been a recognized problem for almost a century now, the effects of this natural phenomenon impact human life in a much more meaningful manner.Today, drastically changing temperatures, hurricanes and droughts are just a starting point for the wrath of this environmental crisis. Nevertheless, much like industrialization, the effects of climate change are also not experienced by everyone on the planet at the same time in the same way. Relatively poorer countries with little access to technologies, industrialization, and resources, such as those in Sub- Saharan Africa, experience the problems of climate change in a way different from developed countries like the United States and Canada. In the same way, the drivers and causes of climate change are also unevenly distributed between the rich and the poor ...

More money more problem
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Author: Ashleen Kaur & Deonte Mccarthy


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